Jedbadin Winjisit

Jedbadin Winijsit , Oboe

An Oboist who began his musical studies in his native Thai at the age of 12, Jedbadin  Wnijsit (born  1994,  Chonburi,Thailand) started playing trombone and continued playing the oboe at the age of 17 . He was really focused in classical music and decided to pursue his musical life. Then, he was accepted in College of Music, Mahidol University. During his studies , he made his solo in orchestra with Mahidol Symphony Orchestra for several concert in 2014. In addition , he is also accepted as a soloist, principle oboist, chamber player and guest musicain, for instance, Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra , Bangkok Metropolitan Orchestra ,Mahidol Symphony Orchestra , Siam Sinfonietta, Broadway Orchestra,  and several ensembles. Beside, he is also interested in new sound and fresh music , he joined the Tacet(i) Ensemble in 2014 and performed in many concert and festivals with many contemporary reportoires. Recently, he was performed a sound art work and collaborated composition in Shuttering Space Festival , Chiangmai in 2015 . Now he is currently a bachelor degree student at College of Music , Mahidol University . His mentors were including Mr.Nitinai Puengya and Mr.Chawalit Charoencheep (2006-2011) , Dr.Amy Ogburn And Mr.Cooper Wright  (2011-2015).